Depression: The Symptoms Of Depression As A Mental Depression

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Depression is a mental illness that is often mistreated because most people don’t understand the signs. Also, money being devoted to the research to find the causes and devise new treatments isn’t keeping pace with the need (Depaulo 8). If people devote a little time to try to understand depression, maybe we would have a better chance of correct diagnostics. As many as five people may eventually suffer a significant depressive illness (Ainsworth 3). Depression affects more than 17 million Americans each year (Ainsworth 3). Females are twice as likely to have depression that men (Ainsworth 3). Depression is sometimes genetically or happens when the body does not produce enough serotonin. Depression affects loved ones, and even
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There are so many symptoms that people often don 't know how to recognize them. Everybody that suffers from depression does not suffer from the same symptoms; some depend on the person and their particular illness. Some of the symptoms consist of: Feeling persistent sad, anxious, or feeling of emptiness , feeling of guilt worthlessness and helplessness, loss of interest in activities or hobbies, fatigue and decreased energy, and difficulty concentrating or remembering things (Moy 3). Depression causes people to see the world different than a “normal” person. Some people with depression become psychotic, seeing or hearing things that are not really there (Ainsworth 8). Some of the symptoms of psychosis are delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia (Ainsworth 8).A person with severe depression may result in hallucinations of smells or feeling that are not really there (Ainsworth 9). Some of develop paranoia believing they are being manipulated by known people (Ainsworth 9).Every 17.3 minutes someone commits suicide in the United States (Ainsworth 11). The suicide risk in people with depression is between fifteen and thirty percent (Ainsworth 11). Depression is a serious matter that people needs to …show more content…
People should show depressed people that they caring and are willing to help them overcome the illness. Engage in short conversations and express your concern for them. Avoid giving advice unless asked, depressed people just want your support. You should always be aware in change in behavior, they could be improving or getting worse. Be an encouraging person and encourage them to eat healthy, take their medicine, and go to therapy. We should try to do all things because depression is an illness and needs to be taken serious. If we succeed and the rate of depressed people goes down that would be better on the economy. We would lose money be providing medicine and health care. We would also be making more money because they would miss less days in work which means more productivity. Not only would it be good for the economy, it would be good for the loved ones. Also it would be good for the depressed people because they would not have to worry about how they are going to pay for their next prescriptions or their next doctor 's appointment. They will also be back to “normal” not struggling with all the horrible symptoms of

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