Depression, The Secret We Share : Andrew Solomon Essay

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Depression, The Secret We Share - Andrew Solomon
Nandaraye Choi

Andrew Solomon shares his experience on depression, and how he feels on modern treatments for it. Solomon speaks about different treatments for depression, including electroshock therapy, as well as a cingulotomy, which is a brain surgery that treated mental illnesses. He feels that modern treatments don’t help with the depression, they just temporarily numb the pain. Using anecdotes of people he interviewed, he uses their stories to support his arguments. He realizes that people with depression have insight, and focus on existential questions that barely bother non-depressives. And using those arguments, he concluded that depression is not the loss of happiness, but the loss of vitality.

Andrew Solomon proposes his thesis about one and forty five seconds into the talk, noting that the depression is the loss of vitality. He describes depression as not dealing with emotions, but taking the experience to create a better and happier perspective of life. Solomon introduces his thesis fairly early into the Ted Talk, which allows him to get his main message across to the audience with enough background information, and then elaborates his message using specific examples and personal experiences to back him up. The speaker starts off his Ted Talk with a poem by Emily Dickinson, a poet who described depression using the art of language. He then relates it to himself, how he fell into depression after a series…

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