Depression : The Leading Most Common Disease Essay

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No matter who you are, most of us have experienced sadness. Sometimes even more and longer than others. For most people it’s temporary, but for some people it’s permanent, and it is also known as depression. Depression is an important issue to cover because they can affect a person’s personal life, school life, work life, social life, and family life.
Depression is the leading most common disease among people especially adolescent girls. Women are twice as likely to experience depression as men are. It is sometimes confused with typical feelings of puberty and teenage adjustment. The reason for that is because of gender differences, women tend to ruminate or over think things more than men. When you ruminate, or introspect in a negative way, you create a strong response of emotion that causes the release of stress hormones. According to the new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health-led, the rate of adolescents percentage of clinical depression grew by 37 percent over the decade ending in 2014, with one in six girls reporting an episode in the past year. Suicide rates have been increasing in recent years as well, particularly among adolescent girls and young women. Symptoms in teen depression may be cause within themselves or in other ways such as peer pressure, social behavior, a change in hormone levels, and body development.
As we mentioned earlier, women are likely to experience depression because we are more likely to overthink problems and situations…

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