Depression Of Older Adults : Depression Essay

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Depression in Older Adults Mental health was once a topic rarely addressed or even discussed. Over recent years depression has gained serious recognition as an illness and is the center of countless studies and awareness campaigns. With great amounts of time being spent on the topic of depression the elderly population often gets neglected when talking about this issue. Depression affects people of all ages and it is important to understand depression as it is present in our aging population.
Trigger Event Through experience in the clinical setting I have come into contact with a variety of older adults. Fellow students often make comments along the lines of “I feel so bad for them” and “this is so sad.” I often find myself making similar comments. Upon reflection of these comments I came to realize we often associate depression as a part of aging, yet it doesn’t get as much attention as mental health campaigns for the younger portion of the population. Through this research my goal is to obtain a greater knowledge about depression in older adults, and why it seems like a forgotten issue.
As people go through the aging process we often focus on the physical changes and challenges associated with this change. Depression makes the list of the top five chronic conditions affecting the elderly (Allen, 2015). According to Allen “depression in elderly people often goes untreated because many people think that depression is a normal part of aging and a natural…

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