Essay on Depression Is More Common Among Women

889 Words Dec 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Depression is a growing illness and more and more people are affected daily. People often underestimate this disease because they assume its “normal” or they believe it’s all in the persons head. The major issue is people not becoming educated enough and developing the wrong impression of this disease. The main ideas the author included were the types, factors, and how depression affects people in different ways. Depression is real and so much more harmful than just being “sad”. The article “Depression: What You Need to Know” by National Institute of Mental Health clearly explains how depression affects people in different ways. Depression is more common among women than men. Women often experience sadness and guilt while men can experience fatigue, irritability, and loss of interest. Children show symptoms by refusing to go to school, or pretending to be sick, and teens tend to sulk or get into trouble at school. Also, the factors of depression were discussed in this article, some including Major Depression, Psychotic Depression, Postpartum Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. I found there was beneficial material about the factors which include genetics, brain biology and chemistry, trauma, loss of a loved one, negative relationships, stress, and medical diseases. Throughout the text, the author used denotative techniques and was consistently thorough and informative. NIMH also included jargon, by using medical terms but were basic enough and…

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