Depression : Causes And Effects Essay

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Depression is a debilitating disease that can cause irreversible problems. Depression is a disease that is more than just mental, it is caused and affects a person as a whole, not one part. Depression is often overlooked but it can and more often than not causes problems for more than just the depressed person. Depression is something that will make it harder to live. It has many problems caused by it, it has different ways to live and treat it, as well as it having different society problems associated with it.

Life will always have times when you are sad or down but depression is much more than sadness however, when you always have a sense of nothingness or dread than it could be depression (depression symptoms/warning signs). depression causes you to rarely, if ever get a break from feeling like there 's no use to do anything, you have no power to do anything, or feeling as though you have no worth (Smith et al). Depression is not something that should happen to anyone for any reason but it does, it is in no way part of growing up. Everyone can live with it and everyone has unique sets of symptoms. Some teens with depression may seem sad but not always (Smith et al). In teens, depression can appear as them always being angry, in a bad move, or they have an extremely short fuse, usually shorter than usual (Smith et al). Children who have depression will sometimes fake being sick, doing everything in their power to not go to school, be extremely close to their parent and…

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