Depression, Anxiety, And Me Essay

1475 Words Nov 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Depression, Anxiety, and Me My freshman year of highschool was the first of many attempts on my own life. I was alone, in my bedroom. Staring at the blank wall in front of me, trying to find a will to keep moving forward. I’d thought about it numerous times, so why not do it? I didn’t have a reason anymore. I remember hearing my phone go off, trying to ignore it, but answering reluctantly. And the day after, I found out the voice in my head telling me there wasn’t a point in living anymore, had a name. Depression and his friend anxiety, and having these two illnesses together, are a recipe for disaster. Mental health, in my opinion is a very controversial topic because many people think that it’s better to pretend it 's not there than to get see help through family, friends, or even professionals. Also, in some cases mental illnesses are very hard to diagnose, many people think they’re fine when in actuality they are far from it. Typically things like this get brushed under the rug, and it 's something we all need to talk about. Mental health/ illnesses are important to me, because I have lost many friends and a few family members to depression and anxiety (mostly). Anxiety and Depression are bigger issues than they may seem for students and young adults in society. Young adults (ages 14-18) tend to develop disorders that affect them socially and academically. When having an Anxiety disorder, depression or both of them combined, it can be hard to discuss how you feel,…

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