Essay Depression And Suicide : A Growing Problem For Teens

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Depression and suicide has become a growing problem for teens in the past decade. Suicide rates have tripled and two thirds of the teen suicide victims suffered from depression (Portner). Schools, students, and parents can make a difference by staying alert and noticing the first signs of depression and effectively treating the illness with the help of professionals, parental guidance, and peers. One of the main reasons depression in students is so prevalent is because the lack of information and education about mental health. Even though depression is one of the most common mental illnesses that teens face, very few school systems consistently address this form of mental illness in their health curriculum. Also, students would feel less insecure or nervous to speak up about their mental health to friends, teachers, and parents if it were not thought of as such a taboo subject. If a higher number of schools regularly have open discussions about the illness, fewer teens will stay quiet. Another way for schools to positively affect depression rates is to have certified psychologists and health workers employed at schools. In most cases, if a student is suspected or admits to being depressed, he or she will be sent to the school nurse. Although this is more effective than ignoring the problem, a school nurse is not qualified to detect suicidal references or thoughts. If schools have a specialist that is qualified to deal with mental health emergencies, the students could…

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