Depression And Suicide

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Depression is an important issue to study in adolescents because of its increasing prevalence. 12.5% of adolescents aged 12-17 have suffer from depression; 19.5% of women and 5.8% of men (National Institute of Mental Health). This is a significant percentage of the population and is especially important to study because depression is frequently linked to suicide in adolescents. Risk taking is also widely seen in the behavior of adolescents (Jessor, 1991). This risky behavior can be defined in a number of different ways, but two subtopics that are especially relevant to adolescents are substance use and risky sexual behavior. Depression can have a large effect on individuals’ behavior and actions (Hollander, 2006). Furthermore, previous research …show more content…
My hypothesis is that the association between depression and risky behavior will be significantly different between the genders. I believe that this link will be weaker in women due in part to the presentation of depression. Previous research has shown that women are likely to experience withdrawn symptoms along with depression (Bluhm, 2011). This may indicate less of an association between depression and risky behavior in women because as they become more solitary and withdrawn, they do not engage in risky behavior to the same degree. This makes sense as risky behavior often involves a peer group and so if less time is being spent with others, risky behavior may …show more content…
If males engage in more risky behavior while exhibiting depressive symptoms it could be significantly dangerous. They may be less cautious and could develop substance dependencies. It would also be important to know about this relationship as we try to be on the look out for symptoms of depression. If males are more likely to engage in risky behavior, this would be something to keep an eye out for and look closer for depressive symptoms as well. The opposite could be true for adolescent females if there is less of an association between the two variables. It may be that the behavior of these individuals is more candid and they are more likely to ask for help, but it could also be that their symptoms are more discreetly hidden. Overall, examining depression in adolescents is very important due to the prevalence of the disorder and the strong link from depression to suicide. If the ways in which depression is often expressed, whether through risky behavior or not, is identified it may become easier to detect and begin to

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