Essay about Depression And Its Effects On Society

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Did you know that 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide? Can you imagine if all those people gave up and committed suicide? What if some of those were you friend and family? Depression is a mental illness that contains both physical and emotional symptoms. It can cause high amounts of stress and pain, and can commonly be misdiagnosed due to showing physical symptoms but no mental issues. Around the world, people of all races, genders, ethnicities and incomes suffer from depression. Some get help, but most don 't. Other people never even know that someone else needed help until it 's too late. Students make up a large piece of the equation, yet they seem to get less help than they should. Plenty of suicides in society are students who were dealing with this problem. Depression affects students throughout their daily lives in the education system, suffering from the medical side effects of having depression, with each student deals with a different cause and effect, and very few schools are truly doing something to resolve the issue.
One major problem with depression is its comparisons to physical illnesses. Many medical professionals will mistakenly give medication based on the noticeable physical ailments, not realizing that the underlying cause is actually depression. Doctors can miss key signs of depression, such as stress or emotional trauma, mistaking it for just an effect of the physical illness. Trivedi discusses how this can be problematic for those…

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