Depression And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Everyone has the propensity to be a little glum, but often sadness can creep into a person’s life and remain active for long periods of time. Depression impacts millions around the world. It has a crippling effect on its victims that sometimes leaves them hopeless and welcoming death. There is no exact cure for depression but many medications are used to combat those waves of sadness that can be too much to bear. A variety of depressive disorders leaves afflicted persons with situational conditions that have to be dealt with individually. Depression is a mental disorder that has affected a diverse spectrum of people for centuries.
The cause of depression is not well known, for it is something that can easily project itself upon those who thought they were happy. When depressed, happiness can seem artificial, unobtainable, and ludicrous. The storm clouds that seem to constantly rain down leave a person forgetful of what it feels like to be genuinely happy. The causes of depression could stem from environmental change. A constant schedule could lead to stagnation which does not allow for any new experiences, in other words, life becomes predictable. When life is something that can be predicted, people tend to form apathetic thoughts about their purpose and reason for living. In order to stave off these sorts of thoughts, it is important to keep life interesting. Although many people are opponents to change, something different could lead to inspiration and a new outlook of…

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