Depression And Its Effects On Mental Health Services Essay

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Depression in known to be the number one reason why people seek mental health services. According to Saveanu and Nemeroff (2012), depressive disorders are more accounted for than any other disability worldwide. The sad part about that is that Lauber, Falcato, Nordt, and Rossler (2003) found that only 42% of interviewees were correctly recognized as having depression. The fact that less than half on the interviewees were matched up with having their disorder is pitiful, but as studied by Walters et al (1992), it could be slightly in due that many disorders tend to overlap in patients and symptoms. Lauber et al found that the public views depression caused by psychological circumstances rather than biology, thus discouraging people with it to seek treatment. Partially contradicting what the public thinks, causes of depression are linked with the argument of nature vs. nurture. Meaning that depressive disorders can be innate or caused by environmental factors, but is often a combination of both. Knowing that depression is a global issue, Read, Cartwright, Shiels, and Magliano (2015) took polls around the world to find the opinion of what people suffering from depressive disorders believe the cause of their disorder is. Read et al found that the majority of Germans believe their depression stems from family and or partnership problems. Australians answered that most of their depression originates from day to day problems, death of a loved one, and problems in their childhood.…

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