Depression And Its Effects On Depression Essay

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When most people think about depression they automatically think it is just a state of being sad; it is not only that. Depression is a disease that overcomes and takes control of the ability to feel emotion, whether it is good or bad. There are many types of depressions and some include: major depression, dysthymic depression, and bipolar depression. This type of disease does not only involve the mind, but also involves a person’s body and thoughts. Also, this disease could be passed on through genes or be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. The effect that people have on depression could be very dangerous and every human being is prone to it. To begin with, major depression is the most intense case of depression that there is. The symptoms for major depression are just like most of any other types of depression. Some of the symptoms include: anxiety, excessive crying, lack of concentration, poor appetite, weight gain or weight loss, restless sleep, etc. Like most depressions, there are more than three million U.S. cases every year. It has to be treated by a medical professional and requires medical diagnosis. The continuous feeling of sadness or loss of interest can lead to a dimension of emotional and physical conditions. Also, another type of depression is dysthymic depression. Dysthymic depression is a low level of depression that lasts up to two years and in most cases longer. Like major depression, some types of symptoms may…

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