Essay on Depression And Its Effects On Depression

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In the beginning a percentage of people wonder what it would be like to end it all. How it could create a new and improved life. Many humans have experienced depression, but never understood how. After understanding the signs that show depression they can easily achieve the help needed to recover. Depression is a frightening stage that involves many emotions as in helpless, suicidal, and lost; many causes of death were due to depression. Depression can be caused by issues at school because they could be dealing with bullies. Bullies are harsh human beings that like to put down another person for their own enjoyment. The bullies do not realize the damage they cause due to the fact they believe that what they cause the victim is for their own entertainment, but in reality the victim is thinking of ways to end it all. Believing every nasty word the bully says and they are tired of being a punching bag. People can only take so much until they break. Another cause of pain for a victim with depression is home issues. Living situations can be worse than school issues due to the fact of the family. A quarter of families in the United States are unhappy with each other. A loved one could have passed away and the guardian takes it out on the children. The guardian could get involved with alcohol and become an abusive drunk. When they are under the influence they are not afraid to hit or yell at any person in their way. The victim would be extremely scared to fight back to a…

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