Depression And Its Effects On College Students Essay

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Depression In College Students
Depression was once believed to affect mainly adults for various reasons. It was hardly ever seen in minors or college students. Today depression is more common in younger populations mainly college students. There are many things that can trigger depression in college students, such as the environment, anxiety, and the fear of failure. All these things can contribute to depression in college students and sometimes cannot be seen. Many college students will never seek help, and many wont ever admit that they struggle with it. For many students college is a new environment for them. Most people attending college are straight out of high school. Most high school students have attended the same schools throughout the years and know everyone they attend school with. In college the people are new and come from various places across the world. Also in high school you get to live with your family and are taken care of. Sometimes you don’t have a job, you solely depend on your parents for things that you need. Most college students are not able to get help from their parents anymore because they either have been cut off because they are now adults or they have moved away to attend school. In college there are books to be paid for, tuition, loans to be applied for and paid back in a timely manner. You don’t have your parents to help you anymore in most cases. Those not having someone to help with financial issues could possibly be more…

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