Depression And Anxiety Of Depression Essay

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People are often unclear of the difference between the terms depression and anxiety. As both obtain a great impact on millions of individuals around the world, there is a great distinction between the two definitions. Depression can be categorized as a serious medical condition in which one feels a sensation of sadness, hopelessness, and unimportance rendering the motivation for everyday life. Anxiety on the other hand can be described as a sense of intense fear, nervousness, or anxious feelings towards various future events. The words depression and anxiety can be seen as two distinct definitions that hold great differences along with bright similarities in traits.
Depression comes with a variety of emotions including emptiness, loss, and sorrow. It is difficult for an individual suffering from depression to feel any sort of joy, motivation, and even desire. Movement and thought process is slowed which can lead to irritation and hostile emotions towards themselves, situations, and others. People diagnosed with depression tend to feel more fatigued on a day to day basis. Motivation becomes a great struggle. It becomes difficult to almost impossible to take part in simple tasks such as clean, socialize, or even get out of bed. One might feel as though there is absolutely no hope in the world for them, like nothing they do will turn out in a positive light. Although provided throughout the day, for many people, depression is at its peak during the night time. All of their…

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