Essay on Depression And Anxiety Of College Students

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Depression and anxiety in college students
To start with a vague remark, the point after which, whatever is ahead is visually absent (on an abstract contrast), is the point of depression for every college student of our age. And anxiety is the result of constant, yet inevitable, series of failure or disappointment that almost all individual goes through in order to achieve some level of success. The mental state of a human mind is marginalized by satisfaction. Depression sets-in gradually with time when we don’t reach that point of satisfaction. And so does anxiety.
Survey Evaluation
Studies in japan by the TCI and HAD showed that depression is predicted by self-developed habits such as lower reward-dependence, cooperativeness and self-directedness, and many more.
Around 75 percent students in different universities in japan had some level of anxiety and depression. And college loans could be considered a root cause world-wide. With the study pressure over-burdening them, and very little job surety, students involuntarily lead an unhealthy life that results in massive depression and anxiety issues. Hence, one in every four students in those universities, had diagnosable illness.
Root cause
Around 40 percent of these students do not seek help, most are even unaware. The gradual increase in study pressure and student loans, effectively changes their mental state and personality, and hence, the changes go unnoticed. And therefore, with time and more pressure, depression and…

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