Depression : A Serious Mental Illness Essay

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Depression is a serious mental Illness that effects millions lives as well as people from all

walks of life. Regardless of rather a person is a rich, poor, or somewhere in between,

depression can takes its toll on anyone. There is an interesting paradox surrounding depression.

That it is a “disease of poverty” that it only effects those on the lower rungs of society. However

many wealthy and successful people also suffer from depression. J.K Rowling, whose bestselling

series Harry Potter has netted who a net worth of a cool billion dollars also suffers from

depression (Forbes, 2015). In 2010 she was quoted in an interview with Opera saying ,“It 's so

difficult to describe [depression] to someone who 's never been there, because it 's not

sadness…but it 's that cold absence of feeling that really hollowed-out feeling.”(Goldberg, 2015).

In 2014 actor and beloved family man Robin Williams shocked the world with his Suicide which

was a result of depression. Even President Abraham Lincoln suffered from depression and he

was one of the most influential people to ever live. In 1841 Lincoln wrote a letter to a law

partner stating, “If what I feel were equally distributed to the whole human race, there would

not be one cheerful face on this earth.”(Goldberg, 2015). So obviously depression is something

that effects more than just people of misfortune. So what exactly is depression? What causes

Depression? How can it be treated, and what are some of the…

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