Depression : A Life Of Sadness Essay

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Everyone in school makes fun of the girl. She sits alone, silent, keeping to herself. What the other kids do not know is how hard she is battling a fight with depression. “Every one in ten Americans has depression,” according to the article “Depression” in the Gale Encyclopedia of Science. Depression has been a health problem for many years. It is said to date back to ancient Mesopotamia and was initially called melancholia, says doctors Rashmi Nemade, Natalie Staats Reiss, and Mark Dombeck, the authors of the article “Historical Understandings of Depression”. The Mesopotamians believed that people were possessed by spirits and demons (Nemade, Reiss, and Dombeck). Today, the medical community no longer believes this. Around the world today, depression, a mental disorder, is a major growing problem on society. Depression has different causes, subtypes, and symptoms, as well as effects on people and their lives, but there are treatments that help the people recover from depression.
Many people define depression as “an illness that causes feelings of sadness and loss of interest that can last for many days,” says the article “Depression” from the UXL Encyclopedia of Science. According to the article “Depressive disorders” from World of Health, depression is a mental illness that disturbs the body, mood, and mind of a person. Depression often leads to mood disorders, which is a mental disorder that is characterized by…

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