Depicting Brokeness Essay

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Depicting Brokenness

Brokenness is a consequence the earth faces every day. The world’s greatest pains are sometimes more than just physical pain, but are deep emotional wounds. Too often, the most broken people are the ones that have been to war and have lived to tell about it. In Earnest Hemingway’s short story “In Another Country,” he depicts brokenness through character descriptions, irony, and imagery. Utilizing these methods, Hemingway forms a picture of how devastating life can be, especially in the trench battles of World War I. As the reader is introduced to each character, the underlying brokenness of each one’s psyche can be inferred. Hemingway forms each character with physical and mental brokenness, even though they may
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As Nick converses with the major, it is apparent that he has been hardened by some sort of traumatic event in his life. It is apparent that the major is experiencing brokenness in the way he talks down to Nick. When talking to Nick about his hopefulness to get married, the major angrily proclaims “The more of a fool you are… a man must not marry” (1594). This not only illustrates the major’s current pain but gives a hint as to why he appears to be so emotionally broken and hardened. It is obvious that the major is hiding a deep emotional scar that will be analyzed in the within the next paragraph.
The major has been burdened with a brokenness that is one of the worst things a human can experience. Through his conversation with Nick, it is apparent that something is causing the major to backlash against him through grammar corrections and an angry temper. The major soon announces to Nick that “I am so sorry… My wife has just died. You must forgive me” (1595). Hemingway utilizes irony here, as only a few days after he returns from being injured in war, his wife dies from the simple disease of pneumonia. The irony lies in the fact that the major goes to war and comes back alive, only for his wife to die in a few days from a treatable disease (Dow). This tragedy not only highlights the major’s sheer brokenness, but the broken world everyone lives in. As a husband, this is one of the most devastating circumstances that could occur in his life. The major had already been

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