Reflection: My Client With Dependent Personality Di

My client came in today because she is concerned with her general life-being. She is 22 years old, Hispanic, and she is currently living with her brother. She came into my office, looking very anxious and uncomfortable. I assured her everything was going to be alright. I asked her to describe why she is concerned with her general life-being, and she explained how ever since she has lost her mother, she has been living with her brother and his wife. Her mother was very overprotective. She goes on to tell me that she does not have a job, but she wants her brother to find one for her that he thinks will benefit her. She also explains how since she does not have a job, she must rely on her brother and his wife to help her financially with phone bills and groceries. She states that she constantly is asking her brother to go with her to the store because she feels uncomfortable going by herself and feels helpless when he is not with her. She also relies on her brother and his wife to cook her food and always is searching for reassurance that living with them is okay. She let me know that she constantly asks for advice on what to wear and what to do throughout the day. She and her brothers rarely get in fights because she does not like disagreement. I asked her if she is left alone …show more content…
The review says that overprotective and authoritarian parenting styles have been linked to the development of Dependent Personality Disorders because when a child is reinforced by their parent to be extremely compliant, that child is likely to see themselves as dependent or helpless in future relationships they develop (Disney, 2013). This clinical review talks about how children of overprotective parents are taught that they are fragile. They are also taught that they will never survive unless they are looked

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