Department Of Housing And Community Development Essay

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Department Housing and Community
The Department of Housing and Community Development 's mission is to strengthen cities, towns and neighborhoods to enhance the quality of life of Massachusetts residents. The department provides leadership, professional assistance and financial resources to promote safe, decent affordable housing opportunities, economic vitality of communities and sound municipal management. (DHCD, 2016) The state of Massachusetts has 12 offices, to properly address the needs of those seeking emergency housing assistance.
I am currently working for the department, as a Homeless Coordinator. I am relatively new in the position. I am a floater employee from Brockton to Boston. I essentially serve as an eligibility social worker for the department. I meet with applicants and determine eligibility for emergency shelter. Through examining the daily practices of the Department of Housing and Community Development, I anticipate to understand the cultural context; relationships; knowledge, attitudes/behaviors; opportunities; and assessments.
Cultural Context
As of September 30, 2016, there were 3,751 families with children and pregnant women in Massachusetts’ Emergency Assistance (EA) shelter program; 268 of these families with children were being sheltered in motels. The number has since decreased to 190 families in motels as of November 29, 2016. This number does not count those families who are doubled up, living in unsafe conditions, or sleeping in their cars.…

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