Dentistry: My Life And The Value Of Life

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Thinking back from the old days, I realized that life has never been easy on me. At the age of eight, whereas other children of the same age group enjoyed playing with friends after school, I was either out in the field harvesting vegetables for my mother or giving my father a hand while he worked as a belonging carrier for Cu Chi Tunnel tourists. At one point, my school journey was disrupted for a while because my parents could only afford tuition for my brother. Life was very tough then, but I felt happy because I got to spend time with my parents and especially, I could use my hands in a helpful way. Throughout the years, seeing how hard my parents had worked to support our family, and most importantly, to get me through school, I had always treasured the importance of education and the value of responsibility. Not only hoped to be able to continue with school, the older I grew, the more I wanted to be involved in the community and also to make positive impacts in people’s lives. During college years, I had very high interests in science courses. Yet, at the same time, I would like to make differences in people’s lives. Typically, with the two factors of science and benevolence, people would gravitate toward medical field. And when came to such field, …show more content…
The experiences I have gained from them really enhance my role, as a community servant. While volunteering at the Make-A-Wish for children with life threating medical conditions, I have come to realize that life is like a Rubik’s cube. Every granted wish always provides different outcome, but regardless, what I get at the end of this whole process will always be the smile from that child, the smile that I will never forget. Similar to my pathway to dental school, there may be obstacles and challenges along the way, but I am determined to

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