Dentistry : Becoming A Dental Technician Essay

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Dentistry was not a career that I saw myself attaining until six years ago. Growing up, I have always possessed a fascination with teeth and oral hygiene, but I was considered awkward because no one in my neighborhood, including myself could afford to visit the dentist. The first and only time I visited the dentist during my childhood was when I was in middle school. I remember being intrigued by how much there was to know about teeth. Even still, I never thought I could become a dentist. I continued on through school and upon graduating high school, I quickly learned that I needed to figure what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I enlisted in the United States Navy with the hopes of becoming a Dental Technician, however, the job did not start for another year. In that time, I was working as a lifeguard and my mother told me I needed to move out sooner than a year because she had to move to North Caroline to take care of her ill mother. Unfortunately, I was unable to financially support myself. I called the naval recruiter and chose an unrelated job to dentistry as an Aviation Handler that started in two weeks.

I served seven years on active duty and during that time, I met my husband and started a family. Deployments were becoming increasingly more difficult for my children to handle and there was the possibility of an eight-month deployment approaching if I reenlisted shortly after my seven-year mark. So in 2010, pregnant with our fifth child, I made the difficult…

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