Density And Boiling Point Experiment

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Register to read the introduction… I felt there were no sources of error in the accuracy of measuring my density. The only experimental error would have been the accuracy of the devices themselves.
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5. I excluded my trial 1 temperature of boiling point for my unknown liquid because I was reading the temperature gauge of the thermometer from the side which I realized was creating an illusion of making the temperature look hotter than it actually revealed from the front of the thermometer.
6. I do not think my boiling point was very accurate because my procedure of the experiment was incorrect. I wrote down the boiling point to be the point when I saw the liquid draining from the test tube, and therefore I thought it must’ve been going into the capillary tube but I couldn’t see because it was clear liquid, going into a clear tube, in clear water and it was hard to differentiate.
7. My boiling point was not as accurate as my density measurements because I was unable to tell the exact boiling point at any given time during my experiment, whereas, I was able to measure the density, +/- the uncertainty in my measuring devices,
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In order confidently determine what substance my “G9R” was I would have to do over the boiling point experiment a couple of more times. I would turn the gas off and take the Bunsen burner away from the apparatus when the stream of bubbles started coming out from the mouth of the capillary tube. This would allow me to correctly determine when the atmospheric pressure was equal to the vapour pressure.

I can narrow down my unknown substance to either Ethanol or 2-proponal. Ethanol’s density is only 0.001g/mL higher than my own measurements, but its boiling point is 8.4̊C lower than GNR’s. Whereas 2-proponal’s density is off by 0.003g/mL and its boiling point is only off by 4.5̊C. If I were to make an educated guess I would lean more towards Ethanol. Both the precision and accuracy of my data was far greater in density than in boiling point and Ethanol’s density is closer to GNR’s than any other

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