Denmark, A Country On The Jutland Peninsula Region Essay

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Denmark is a 43,094 sq km (16,384 sq miles) country on the Jutland peninsula in northern Europe. Denmark shares a board with only one country; Germany. It lies south of Norway and southwest of Sweden. There are several islands that comprise Denmark, but the major islands are; Sjaelland, Fyn and Bornholm. Being on a peninsula and consisting of many islands create a coastline of 7,314 km (4.3 miles) long. The overall terrain is low and flat, to gently rolling plains. The lowest point, Lammefjord, is negative seven meters (-23 ft), with the highest point, Mollehoj reaching a mere 171 m (561 ft) above sea level. This geography creates an overall temperate climate that is humid and mostly overcast. Seasonal climates can range from mild, windy winters to cool summers (The Central Intelligence Agency, 2014).
The population of Denmark is not very large, the total population is just 5,639,719. The biggest city is the capital, Copenhagen, with a population of 1,246,611. The next largest city in Denmark is Arhus with 259,754; followed by Odense with 172,512 and Alborg with 109,092 (Statistics Denmark, 2014).
One of the main cultural events in Denmark occurs during the daily commute, cycling. Everyday, people in athletic wear, casual wear and even business suits, cycle to work. They even cycle during the winter months! This bicycle tradition has been around for more than a century (Denmark, 2014). With about 80% of the population belonging to The Church of Denmark, their…

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