Demotivation Of Grameen Phone

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Register to read the introduction… Some of the employees are such demotivated that , they donot have any sincereness , cooperation and responsibilities .If this continues that would be a great disaster for the whole corporate .

Objective of this report:
The main objective of this report is to find out the causes of demotivation that took place in the corporate . The other objectives are to find out the people who are directly or indirectly responsible for this demotivation .It is also very important to find out the management problems. We will also investigate the emotional interrelation among the employees. To get rid of this acute problem we will also make some recommendation .
We will also find out the motivational barriers
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Demotivation is caused by a complex interplay of determinants and a host of different influencing and context-bounded process . Factors ,which lead to demotivation ,refer to personal , interpersonal, managerial and structural aspects and

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