Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication
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Demonstrative Communication Demonstrative communication is both an effective and ineffective means of communication depending on what kind of demonstration is presented during the communication. In order delete unnecessary words to successfully communicate, it is important to understand not only what message to deliver, but how to deliver the message. Senders with negative body language and tone of voice will have a difficult time getting [Eliminate forms of “get” in formal academic writing.] their point across, whereas senders with positive body language and tone of voice will be more likely to have a successful communication experience. Successful demonstrative
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Negative demonstrative communication is ineffective because the message is likely to become lost. Everything matters, from body posture to facial expressions to pondering internal thoughts that have nothing to do with the communication experience. According to Rane (2010), Body language is referred to as the nonverbal means of communication, and that 55% of communication is made up of bodily movements and gestures, while 38% is comprised of tone of voice and only 7% of communication is made up of verbal communication. Considering this information, nonverbal information makes up about 93% of the communication process. For instance, if a sender is providing feedback to the receiver and while speaking is distracted by another co-worker who passes by and reminds them about the game Friday night, the receiver may not think the sender has a genuine interest in providing that feedback. Therefore, the feedback will be less meaningful to the receiver. If the receiver disregards the feedback, the sender may feel disrespected. This cycle of negative demonstrative communication could cause conflict between the two parties. Instead, show effective demonstrative communication by making eye contact with the receiver and be respectful to give the receiver full attention while providing the same feedback. The outcome will be successful for both parties since the nonverbal communication will show respect and concern for quality

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