Demographics Ice Cream Industry Essay

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Demographics of the Ice Cream Industry
The Canadian demographic for ice cream has been a constant presence of a sweet treat on a hot summer day. Thankfully, Canadians love ice cream, and enjoy it all year around. But, just who is enjoying this delicious milky treat, and what opportunities and threats does that leave the ice cream industry with?
Canadians have loved ice cream for centuries, and it shows today as children as young as ages 2-12, and folks as mature as 75 and up love ice cream. (Canadians Crazy for Ice Cream, 2010, Para. 12). Parents have also been giving their children exposure to ice cream at ages as little as one year in moderation. This opportunity will allow ice cream to bring them childhood memories and
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For example, Nestle products lead ice cream in 2012 with 34% thanks to its popular trend of Drumsticks and Haagen-Dazs brand names. (Euromonitor International, 2012, Para. 5) This act of branding contributes to trending when entered into the market as media, grabbing the attention of adolescent teenagers, children and elderly consumers, who haven’t been able to forget the sweetness of ice cream.
Regardless, no matter how fulfilling ice cream can be to one person or the next, there will always be threats to spreading the demographic.
Micro environmental factors will always manage to steal some attention away from the ice cream world with threats such as direct competitors, indirect competitors, and changing seasons. For example, a direct competitor with the Canadian ice cream industry would be the Canadian frozen yogurt industry. Not only is frozen yogurt starting to be seen as the healthier choice, but it’s also allowing consumers to go without ice cream all together based on manufacturing advances creating a great dairy experience without the calories, sugars, or digestive problems. (Frozen Yogurt vs. Ice Cream, 2013, Para. 5 & 7) However, even when health is put aside, frozen yogurt is taking a leap by trending in self-serve where their clients can make their own creations. (Stone, A, 2012, Para. 13 & 14)
Or, an indirect competitor would be just as effective with freezes or a cold bottle of water. These two would be considered indirect

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