Essay about Demographic Breakdown Of Teens And Young Adults

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II. Demographic breakdown
Men (about 87%) and women (about 86%) use the internet equally. The highest percentage of internet users are among young adults (18-29, about 97%) and adults (30-49, about 93%). The senior over 65 makes a group of 57% who uses the internet every day. Teens and young adults are the higher percentages with about 97%. The percentage of very young adults from 0 to 11 has increased to over 49%. There is not a wide difference among the ethnic group that really needs attention. The range between each group is about 3%( Traver and Laudon, E-commerce 2015).
An about of 77% of people with income lower than $30,000.00 have access to the internet, compared to 99% of household with an income over $75,000.00. The level of education is an important factor. 76% percent of people with less than high school diploma were online, compared to 91% of college graduated. Those who have not finished high school make less than $30,000.00 a year are less to buy online. Unlike the college graduated, the high school dropout and the 65 and older are less likely to buy online. This is the reason Gamelect has an online and offline presence to fulfill the need of this group of customers.
• Growth of internet user within your industry
The internet connection is low for adults with low incomes and levels of education. The people who are less likely to have a broadband connection are: African American, Latinos, and rural residents. However, 50% of those who don’t have a broadband…

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