Democracy Vs. Modern Government Essay

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Democracy Vs Dictatorship
Forms of government can be complex yet interesting at the same time. Democracies and Dictatorships are prime examples of this. Both forms of government have a specific type of leadership. When it comes to voting in each different form of government, it can be quite shocking as of how things differ. Citizens are treated and act differently in each form of government.
To begin, leadership plays a significant role in both of these forms of government, whether it is where one another lives or who is in charge. Democracies and Dictatorships are both run by a leader and this leader is one of the main icons for the county. Even though leadership styles may be different in each of the form of government, the leader is the person in the country who all citizens look up to and respect. Also, leaders in these forms of government also live a specific iconic building. For example, every president in the United States since John Adams has lived in the White House during their presidency. As of a dictatorship type of government like North Korea, “Ryongsong Residence also known by locals as Central Luxury Mansion, is the presidential palace and the main residence of leader Kim Jong-un.”
Although, these types of government have a leader in charge, they cannot do everything on their own. Both forms of government have tried invading other countries with the goal of spreading their government. For example, the 2003 invasion of Iraq. “American war aims in Iraq…

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