Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government Essay

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The term democracy is derived from the Greek terms “demos” meaning “people” and “kratos” meaning “rule”, so democracy means the rule of the people (Ashe 2015). This means that in a democratic government the power to choose their leaders is vested in the general population and the general public opinion is taken into account. Sir Winston Churchill words declaring democracy as the “worst form of government imaginable, except for all the others.” (Jeanette 2015) hinted that though all forms of government that have been tried so far display their serious concerns, all other forms of government produce even less desirable results than democracy. Thus, answering the question this essay prompts, this paper agrees that democracy is the best form of government in today’s world relative to the rest.
A democratic government comes into place by an electoral system where legislators are elected in competitive, multi-party, and multi-candidate elections. (Ashe 2015) The electoral democracy focuses exclusively on the possibility of fair and free elections whereas liberal democracy is more practical as it recognises the lope holes such as an undemocratic leader coming into power by rigging elections or exertion of power. Critics argues that the electoral view is too “thin”, and along with fair and free elections, liberalism needs to be proportionately integrated for a smooth running, genuine democracy.
Democracy promotes the importance of human rights such as equality, freedom and a…

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