Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government Essay

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Democracy is defined as ‘a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.’ In a democracy, the systems in place must benefit everyone under the system. Democracies must benefit the economy, allow everyone to have equal opportunity, everyone 's voice can be heard, and has no real connection to capitalism. Though even in a democracy there are still areas to be improved all over the world. Democracy is the best form of government because it has the most benefit for those who live and participate in the democratic system.
Democracy guards the interests of citizens through voting and promotes equality. An example of how democracy allows voting for citizens is India. India has the largest democracy and every citizen has the right to vote, they elect representatives to carry out their visions of what they want for their government. India is a good example of how democracy guards citizens for what they want in their government. An example of how democracy promotes equality is in the United States. The United States is under a democracy that grants basic rights for every citizen economically, socially, and politically such as minimum wages for workers, freedom of religion, and the freedom of voting for preferred representatives. Every citizen has their rights and are all equal to live economically stable and to voice their opinions under democracy.
Democracy is a form of government used in various…

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