Essay about Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government

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On Churchill 's view of Democracy
Dallas Gibb (104057793)
University of Windsor
Comparative Politics (45-130)
November 26 2014

Winston Churchill had said once that “democracy is the worst form of government except all others that have been tried” meaning that democracy is the best form of government. Within a democracy, one can expect economic freedoms to pursue profits and better themselves through the free market, where as in authoritarian regimes, there is usually an absence or restriction of a free market. Also, democracies are fundamentally built on civil and political freedoms which authoritarian regimes, by contrast, restrict or abolish completely. Following the Democratic Peace Theory, one would also conclude that democracies are far more peaceful, and in turn less stressful to inhabit because they tend to not go to war with one another. Churchill 's statement is proven to be true practically. First of all, in order to compare democratic regimes in general with their authoritarian counterparts, a standard definition of both democracy and authoritarianism must be established. As for democracy, the minimal definition encompasses mostly electoral rights, such as free and fair elections, held regularly and with actual legitimate choices (Dickovick & Eastwood, 2005, p. 114). This definition is useful because it delineates most simply authoritarian regimes from democratic regimes, without making some regimes that are democratic as far as voting,…

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