Democracy As A Dominant Form Of Government Essay

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Within each historical era, there is a dominant form of rule, from tribal affiliations to individual kingdoms to vast empires to, now, democracies. In the twentieth and twenty first centuries there has been a pattern of democratic forms of government emerging all around the world. Asking whether all of these are in fact true democracies is inconsequential; rather one should instead focus on why this trend is occurring and question the validity of the spread of democracy as the prevalent form of rule in the present era. There is no way for democracy to claim universal validity as the legitimate form of government throughout the world. The very notion that democracy could be universal, universally valid, or universally legitimate is impossible and indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of democracy.
This claim is problematic in that this would imply that there is a singular, absolute, unambiguous definition of democracy. There have been many widely varying interpretations of what it means to have a true democracy, differing greatly from one political theorist to another. The scope of descriptions of democracy is so wide it seems as though each political philosopher attributes the true source of democracy to different facets of democratic rule. Aristotle stated “it is accepted as democratic when public offices are allocated by lot and oligarchic when filled by election” (Aristotle), believing, contrary to the structure of most modern democratic systems, that…

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