Essay on Democracy And The Modern State

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Throughout history, and in recent times, the emergence of democracy and the modern state has been the main focus and feature of developing, and developed states. The necessity to be successful in adapting to a developed modern state, or maintain the success of the state on a global international scale, can result from the pre-requisites of the emergence of democracy. In order for states to emerge, they must have the existing pre – requisites of the emergence of democracy and sustained institutions. Nevertheless, if states fail to follow the essential and mandatory elements, the threat of political decay is present and states have the risk of falling into a cycle where they cannot further develop. The pre-requisites for the emergence of democracy are the categorizes of the bellicist theory containing political conflict, economic, and cultural theories; and the existence of stabilized institutions within the state regarding rule of law, the state, and accountable government. One of the main reasoning and identifiable pre-requites for the emergence of democracies relates back to the bellicist theory. The bellicist theory is well known from the scholar Charles Tilly, it is the theory that argues that wars, particularly interstate, are decisive in the creation and growth of a modern state. (Dickovick & Eastwood, Jonathan, 2016) The bellicist theory categorizes its arguments into three different approaches for the emergence of a democracy through political conflict,…

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