Democracy And Its Effect On Democracy Essay

1416 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Democracy was founded by the Greeks in 507 B.C. In Greek democracy means “power of the people” and today that meaning still stands. In America people are the ones who have the power to change things, not the president or anyone else who holds a high title. With democracy everyone has a voice and an opinion to share. When the people vote it gives them the power that they have craved. Everyone votes for who they want to lead their country to success. Voting and elections has a positive impact on democracy because it allows people to express their opinion and without it democracy would cease to exist. Voting is very important to making up a democracy style government. When people don’t vote the democracy fails immediately. Failure is not something this country needs to be successful and to thrive. No one will want to come to America or do business with America if they learn that the people don’t even vote. Voting has made some of the biggest things possible for people who had no hope at all. For example, when the gay rights act got passed it changed many peoples life. Many of the LGBT community had no faith that the act would ever get passed during this lifetime. They worked hard and long for the day they would be able to declare their love for one another. Because they worked so hard they got to vote and when they did everything changed. It was all over the news showing how many of them voted and got what they asked for. Voting was their weapon against the world and they used…

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