Essay Democracy And Human Rights : Amnesty International

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Democracy and Human Rights: Amnesty International
Organizations from around the world are dedicating their time and effort in ensuring the end of human rights abuses and protecting the rights of people. The call for global democracy has seen human rights organizations initiating campaigns to document violations and advocating actions. Condemnation of abuses and public support is vital to their success. It is imperative to realize that human rights campaigns are only effective when the calls for reform are supported by strong public advocacy. Examples of global human rights organization include; Non-governmental organizations, Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International ( The aim of this study is to reflect and analyze the effectiveness of Amnesty International as a human rights organization. In addition, the study will determine the goals and targets of the campaign, and the successes and barriers that the campaign has encountered.
Amnesty International
This campaign is a global movement of human rights activists or people who seek for internationally recognized human rights advocacy. The campaign has more than 7 million people in more than 150 territories and countries who seek to end human rights abuse ( The human rights campaigners conduct research on human rights violation, and henceforth generation actions that prevent the abuses. In addition, they also demand justice for those whose human…

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