Democracy And Communism : A Popular Government System After World War I

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Like all great cities around the world, democracy originated in Athens, in ancient Greece. Athenian democracy was established in 508-7 B.C. On the other hand, communism occurred during the 17th century. The first nation that became democratic was the Corsican Republic in 1755. However it did not last long and the first modern nation to establish an official democratic system was France. Democracy was a popular government system after World War I. Communism basic ideas came from the famous writers Thomas More, in his novel Utopia, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in their novel, Communist Manifesto. Democracy and communism are dissimilar in many ways. After World War II, communism flourished, spreading through central and eastern Europe and later spreading to China and Cuba to name a few. Almost one -third of the world’s population lived in Communist states. Both differ in their origins, political, economic, and social aspects. Strangely democracy and communism are similar. Both are similar in that they are implemented worldwide, and that their ideologies dictate how the political system should be ran. Also, they are similar in that democracy and communism tend to be more liberal in nature than other alternate political philosophies. Between the two, democracy and communism, democracy would be more acceptable because that is what people are accustomed to living, rather than living a communistic lifestyle. With democracy originating in Athens in 508-7 B.C., an example of…

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