Democracy : A Powerful Leader Who Would Become A Despotic Tyrant

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Democracy is one of the most complex aspect in political world. Democracy is a form of government, in which all citizens participate in the process of management and take responsibility to society, either directly or through their freely elected representatives. Democracy is a set of principles and practices that protect human’s freedom. All countries with a democratic form of government, respect the wish of the majority. "The Greek philosopher Plato viewed democracy as involving leaders of the mass of people plundering the rich and distributing some of their wealth. Democracy, he argued, would degenerate into tyranny, as the mass would give up its freedom to a popular leader who would become a despotic tyrant" (Introduction to Political Science: Simon Fraser University, 2015). The democratic regime is usually found in countries with a market economy, in the social structure, which occupies a significant place of the middle class. The democratic regime consists only in countries where there is a high level of social and economic development that can provide necessary welfare of all citizens, which is important for achieving social harmony, stability and strength of basic democratic principles. Genuine democracy can function in society with a high level of general and political culture, a significant social and political activity of individuals and their voluntary associations, are ready to stand up for democratic institutions. Another premise of democracy is the variety of…

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