Essay on Dementia And The Ageing Population

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With the ageing population there will be more people affected with dementia. Dementia is the term used to group together several disorders that affect the brain. The effects of these disorders cause memory loss, the ability to perform everyday tasks and behaviour. The following essay will discuss topics such as pathophysiology of dementia, effects that dementia has on a persons lifestyle, strategies or non-pharmacological treatments that can be implemented to deal with dementia and community support. Dementia is five times higher in rural Aboriginal communities and the rate of dementia in Torres Strait Island is unknown. In the Kimberley region there was research conducted with 363 participants and found dementia in 12.4% of Aboriginal people which are over the age of 45 and 26.8% in Aboriginal people over the age of 65. (White, C. & Holdsworth. K., Alzheimer’s Australia, 2014) Alzheimer’s disease is the most common disorder and accounts for 50% to 70% of all dementias and Vascular Dementia coming in second. Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Fronto Temporal Lobor Degeneration, Alcohol related dementia and aids related dementia are other forms of dementia. Alzheimer 's disease affects 70% of people with dementia and this was first recorded by Dr Alois Alzheimer in 1907. Alzheimer 's affects 1 in 4 over 85. (Alzheimer’s Australia, 2014). Alzheimer’s is known to shrink the outer layer of the brain or cortex and it is the region of the brain that involves judgement, memory and…

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