Dementia And Its Effects On Dementia Essay

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The reminiscence of the previous day flashes in the brain, yet she knows nothing of the preceding day. Walking through an unfamiliar home and seeing all these photos of a familiar face amongst many unknown faces, this is what it is like to wake up as a person who has dementia. When people first started to recognise dementia they called it senility and then later on the name changed to dementia (“Types of Dementia”). Many people believe that they understand the definition of dementia, but the definition they have been taught for a long time is actually wrong. Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a person who has trouble with carrying out everyday activities and has a hard time remembering people (Snow). Dementia is symptom of a specific disease or syndrome. According to Loy Campbell, a consultant at Positive Approach to Care, said “There are eighty to ninety different diseases that cause dementia” (Campbell). Dementia can also affect a person 's attitude and behavior (Potocnik). People believe someone can be diagnosed with just dementia, but dementia is just a term for the collection of symptoms and, therefore is then diagnosed with the specific disease or condition (Snow). According to Potocnik, there are 35.6 million people who are suffering with dementia (Potocnik). Every year, four to six million new cases every year (Fletcher). There are multiple types of dementia and they all affect the body differently. Alzheimer 's disease is one of the most popular and…

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