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Problems with communication - Some people experience problems with expressing themselves, talking and understanding things. They get confused about words and might use the wrong words for common things and mix words up. Reading and understanding written text can become problematic.

There are a number of different types of dementia the most common being Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, Fronto temporal dementia and Dementia with Lewy bodies.

Some people get diagnosed as having mixed dementia; this is when the presentation shows the person to have elements of more than one type of dementia.

Dementia is a progressive condition, which means the symptoms will gradually get worse. This progression will vary from person to person and each person will experience dementia in a different way. Although the person will have some of the above symptoms, the degree to which they affect an individual will vary and not all people will have all of these symptoms.


Areas of the brain affected by dementia are shown in the diagram below:


The temporal lobe of the brain if affected by dementia will mean the sufferer will ‘forget’ every day functions, and how to perform them, relatives names and faces, their
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