Delusional Disorders Essay

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Delusional disorders account for one of the most common types of psychological disorders that exist in the world today. Studies suggest that this disorder accounts for 1% to 2% of admissions to inpatient mental health facilities in the world. Delusional disorders can be defined as the, “the presence of one or more non-bizarre delusions that persist for at least 1 month”. The non-bizarre delusions are considered to be plausible which means that the person’s theory could actually occur a small proportion of the time. There are many sub-types of delusional disorders, which are Erotomaniac Type, Grandiose Type, Jealous Type, Persecutory Type, Somatic Type, Mixed Type and Unspecified Type. We decided to choose the persecutory type since it is …show more content…
Other symptoms include being irritable, angry and with low mood. Particular to the persecutory type, “the distinction between normality, overvalued ideas, and delusions is difficult to make in some of the cases”. Patients diagnosed with this type of delusional disorder might also experience resentment and hallucinations related to their fear of being harmed. Lastly, in extreme situations, they may turn to violent behaviors against those who they think are harming them.
The diagnosis for delusional disorders in general is very challenging since patients do not usually admit they have a psychological problem or reach for mental health assistance. Since they are living in a different reality, they do not realize that their normal way of thinking is being affected. Additionally, unless the type of disorder does not lead to illegal activities or have a major impact in the daily routine, patients with delusional disorder can adapt to social life without being interned in a clinic. However, in the persecutory type, symptoms and actions can become more evident; patients are susceptible to have marked anger behaviors or appeal to courts and other government agencies in order to fulfill their worries. Therefore, the persecutory type might be easier to diagnose than the other types of delusional disorders. In other words, “when the Persecutory Type is associated with a precipitating event or stressor, it may have a

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