Delmarva Folklore Essay

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Fort Delaware became a State Park in 1951. Dating back to 1859, the Fort was originally used to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia, and served as a Union fortress and a Confederate prison. Many of Fort Delaware’s first Confederate prisoners were brought from the Battle of Kernstown in 1862 and the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. A total of thirty-two thousand prisoners were kept at Fort Delaware. The state of Delaware obtained the Fort from the United States Federal government in 1947.
Visitors can access Fort Delaware from Delaware City to Pea Patch Island via a ½ mile ferry ride across the Delaware River. Historically dressed tour guides take visitors on a journey through Fort Delaware that includes hands-on activities that
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Paranormal activity associated with prisoners includes moaning and unexplained voices. The ghost of a woman and child supposedly haunt one of the buildings at the Fort. Paranormal activity associated with the mother and child includes tugging on hair and clothing, children’s laughter, a woman’s sobbing, books falling and candlesticks moving. In other areas of the Fort, a harmonica has been heard as well as the sound of a man swearing. People have reported to have been touched, tugged and spoken to by unseen entities.
Several ghost-hunting groups have visited Fort Delaware including Sci-Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson, Jason Hawes and team. The Ghost Hunters caught some amazing evidence during their two trips to Fort Delaware in 2008, some of which included thermal video of an alleged apparition in a tunnel, several clear electronic voice recordings and video evidence of something unseen grabbing the hood of Wilson’s jacket several times in a row.
Today, the paranormal activity is still strong at Fort Delaware. So many deaths in such cruel conditions have produced one of the most haunted places in America. Starting in the basement, people have claimed to hear moans, chains rattling and voices. Apparitions of Confederate soldiers running under the ramparts have also been seen. It has been suggested that these ghosts are still looking for ways to escape the prison camp.
There is a woman apparition that visits the officer’s

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