Essay about Dell Vs. Hp Computer

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If you have ever been in a store shopping for a new laptop computer, chances are you have seen a Dell or HP computer and maybe even purchased one of the two. Both are major players in the
IT field. Selecting between the two can prove to be a difficult decision, which is why it is better to know what they have to offer before making your purchase.
Most people have a budget on what they can afford to spend on a new computer.
Once you have selected the laptops that meets your price range, you should look at the features and performance of each model.
One of the first things that catches your eye when looking at a computer is the actual look/style of the computer. While you can get an HP in a few standard colors, Dell offers a much larger range of colors to choose from.
Dell compared to a HP laptop, HP is usually considered to be the better looking of the two. HP follows a more sleek design which gives it a more sophisticated finish.
So if you are basing your purchase solely on the looks of the two, you most likely would choose an HP for an office. But if you are buying the laptop for a teen, the choice would most likely be a
Dell because of the color selection.

If you are like myself and do not care how the computer looks and only want to purchase a laptop based on your needs and what you will be using it for, then you need to pay more attention to their specific features and how they perform.
Hands down HP has a greater number of features and is known to perform better than…

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