Essay on Delivering Top Customer Service At Seattle Shoe Store

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You may be the leader in your industry, already well known for delivering top customer service. You may be experiencing the meaning of the truism, "It 's lonely at the top." When your company looks around for a role model, for inspiration to go even further, to whom can it turn? One solution is to look to the leaders of other industries, to analyze their philosophy and assay what it is that has made them successful.

One such industry leader is Nordstrom, the company that grown from one downtown Seattle shoe store into a nationwide fashion specialty chain with renowned services, generous size ranges, and an outstanding selection of apparel, shoes, and accessories for the entire family.

According to its website, the company 's philosophy has remained unchanged for more than 100 years since its establishment by John W. Nordstrom in 1901: offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value. Maybe that 's why Nordstrom has been the subject of intense interest by others in the retail industry and beyond.

In fact, authors Robert Spector and Patrick McCarthy have written a national bestseller entitled, The Nordstrom Way: The Inside Story of America 's #1 Customer Service Company (New York: Wiley & Sons, 1995). McCarthy enjoyed a successful career as one of Nordstrom 's outstanding salespersons. Consider this series of summary statements from Spector and McCarthy 's book, followed in each case by comments. Perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised.…

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