Essay about Delinquency Relationship : A Of Serious Young Offenders

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delinquency relationship in a sample of serious young offenders”. They found that “identifying functional form relationships has importance for many criminological theories, but it is a task that requires that the balance of model assumptions to exploratory data analysis falls toward the latter. Nonparametric approaches to such questions may be a necessary first step in learning about the nature of mechanisms presumed to be at work in important explanations for crime and criminality”(Sullivan and Loughran). This research is a good addition to the research that has been previously conducted. It provides a new look at self-control theory that we did not get to examine in our study of self-control theory in lecture 15 (Hinkle). While we did learn of some of the other pitfalls of self-control theory, there were not other studies that it was compared to for us to analyze, but these studies do focus on the necessity of a longitudinal or “life course criminology”(Hinkle 15). These studies each show that the relationship between an individual and their level of self-control has an effect on their likelihood of turning towards delinquent behavior as well as perusing a criminal future.
Youngoh Jo and Yan Zhang’s “Parenting, Self-Control, and Delinquency: Examining the Applicability of Gottfredson and Hirschi 's General Theory of Crime to South Korean Youth.” This study focuses on Hirschi’s emphasized need of proper parenting and determining a good level of self-control while still a…

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