Delicatessen Critique

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Delicatessen was a ninety-nine minute movie, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Carc Caro filmed in 1991, starring Dominique Pinon, Marie Laure Dougnac and Jean Claude Dreyfus, which was a weird, black and dark, and also romantic movie. This movie has not been introduced any backgrounds such as country or era, however, it was obviously happened in a period of time that people were suffering economic crisis, poverty and starving so that people became cannibalistic. The whole movie were framed in an old, dilapidated and unsanitary department, were adopted dim and dusky color as background, which could create a bizarre and horrifying cinematic effects, on the other hand, this movie adopted humorous and funny filming way to make this movie vivid. …show more content…
The next shot was a shoulder of a person was cut off, which caught audiences shuddered. With the opening song begins from 3′35″ to 5′00″, ‘Generique Debut,’ illustrates the directors and casts. The music is light and rhythmic, which coherently displayed the combination of black sense of humor, expressionism, realism and romanticism. The butcher shop called ‘Delicatessen’ got introduced in a shot of dimly lit street with shadows of nobody. It is located on ground floor of that building. There is a scenario that the tenants are queueing for meats, two sacks of corn can be in exchange for 950 grams of shoulder parts. It shows that grains are used as currency. With the appearance of Louison, he paid off his shoes as taxi fees. It can be seen that bartering was the main exchange of that period of time. The director used a method of crosscutting to connect the scenario of butcher’s sexual life, Julie’s cello, the sound of beating carpet, Louison’s painting work, the rhythm of sewing machine, the action of knitting a sweater and the bell of a clock, which produced convulsions. There are many other funny scenarios in this movie, such as spring fixing fragment, Aurore repeatedly failed committed suicide. On the other hand, dreadful and discomfort atmosphere run through the whole movie. For instance, the blurred shot of the

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