Delaying My Move At Baton Rouge Essay

1005 Words Oct 6th, 2016 5 Pages
The day began with the news that we may need to postpone my move to Baton Rouge. The rain was torrential, and the roads were flooded. People were losing their homes and even their lives. This was a devastation that had not been seen since Hurricane Katrina or Rita. But from what we were seeing the devastation seemed almost worst in Baton Rouge and the surrounding cities. A day that was a fresh start for me was the worst day for entire families. This day had been planned for months, I had prepared for weeks and packed for days. This was the day that I moved to a new city and a new home to start college and lay the foundation for what the rest of my life would become. I expected a fun and frantic moving day but instead found it worry filled and stressed. We decided to make the trip anyway and just take our chances. My mother and aunts were loaded and ready so we decided we needed to hit the road and get me there. They themselves, nervous about the trip, but excited to get me set up. The ride there was fairly smooth and uneventful. As we entered into one of Louisiana 's most vibrant and exciting cities with young energy and bright futures, you could immediately see the devastation. How could it be that I was moving into my new home, my first apartment, and entire families were homeless. The water was high with emergency vehicles everywhere and cars flooded on the side of the road. Signs of life and what mother nature can do to it, at its worst. As we drove around the LSU…

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